Parish Activities and Programmes

Hammerwich Church has always tried to look outwards. Each harvest time we support a local charity and are currently 50% supporting a nurse in Africa.


The last two years we have run a Bible study group linked with a partner group in Gentleshaw from lent for ten fortnightly sessions. It is the firmly stated wish of the members of the group that this shall continue.


At the beginning of 2011 an Alpha Course was held at Gentleshaw Church and many members of Hammerwich attended. Here we began a fellowship with members of the other churches and friendships were forged which have continued ever since. Our Vicar also organised a ‘quiet Day’ where we went to a lovely church at Etching Hill and did various exercises which helped us spiritually and also enabled us to continue with our fellowship. At Pentecost 2011 members of all churches joined together to perform the musical ‘Saints Alive’ at Gentleshaw church where all congregations joined in the celebrations together. In February this year a Parish Weekend was organised and very well attended. Once again, all the churches were involved and it was a very successful weekend which we hope to repeat next year. This year saw the 175th Anniversary of Gentleshaw church, and at Pentecost, we all joined together for the morning service and the Bishop of Wolverhampton attended. After the service we all enjoyed a shared buffet lunch in the grounds of the church.


Baptisms are usually held during the monthly family services, which everyone enjoys as the usual congregation are able to meet the new smaller members of the church family. The Baptisms are preceded by a Thanksgiving Service for the close family and for baptism preparation. Families from outside the parish who are not regular worshippers are normally directed to their local church. We also have a memorial service once a year which is usually well attended. A Remembrance service is also held in November, this service always attracts the local scout groups and community leaders and is very well attended.


The PCC meets 11 times per year and Hammerwich News, our newsletter, is published six times per year by members of the PCC and is delivered free to every household in the parish.


Marriage is offered to couples where there is a legal ‘qualifying connection’. Cases where one or both partners have been married before are considered on an individual basis.